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Kirsten Fisher

Kirsten Fisher was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. A significant regional center of culture and design, it was there that she began the foundation of her work in fiber crafts. What started as sewing and knitting soon evolved into new forms of expression after her move to Brooklyn, NY in 1977. She quickly grew to love the traditional American art form of quilting as she gained exposure to her new home’s artistic techniques.

Over time, she became more involved with the fiber art community in New York, curating shows at the historic Lefferts House in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, as well as serving as co-president of the Quilter’s Guild of Brooklyn.

In 2001 she started experimenting with transforming a traditional flat quilt block into a 3-dimensional fiber bowl and has since made this the focus of her work. Over the years, and through the use of contemporary fabrics, she has created the modern look that her bowls are known for today.

Kirsten’s work has been shown at the WAH Center in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg and she is currently teaching classes at New York’s City Quilter and privately at her studio.


About The Collections

All the bowls in the collection are made of multiple layers of heavy interfacing.  Over the years I have designed the various templates needed to generate the different shapes of my bowls.